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PLTGU Jawa 3 and PLTGU Sumbagut 1,3,4 (800 MW)

Sumatera Utara

In an attempt to seize the opportunity to become an IPP developer of PLTGU Jawa-3 and Sumbagut 1,3,4 that have been listed in the RUPTL, PT Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (PJB) assigned reCOnsult to conduct the Feasibility Study of both PLTGU Jawa 3 and PLTGU Sumbagut 1,3,4

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PLTGU Muara Tawar Add-On 650 MW (Block 2,3,&4)

Jawa Barat

Muara Tawar Power Plant plays a very important role in supporting the reliability of Jakarta electricity system

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Cilacap Coal Fired PowerPlant 600 MW & 1000 MW

Jawa Tengah

PT Sumber Sagara Primadaya (S2P) with 2x300 MW coal fired power plant in Cilacap, is one of the first generation of IPP developers in Indonesia

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